Anneli Groenewald

Deputy editor, Finweek

Anneli Groenewald is the deputy editor of Finweek at Media24, with an accomplished and exciting career so far. She has been working in the media industry for more than 10 years, with time spent at Farmer’s Weekly and as a part-time lecturer at the University of Johannesburg. She is inspired by what journalism stands for and how it can make a difference.

“As a student I had all sorts of perceptions that journalists can change the world through their writing,” says Groenewald. “I love writing, and liked what journalism stood for. While the media environment has changed drastically over the past years, in many instances resulting in drastically reduced teams who have to work miracles to get the basics done, I still believe that good journalism has the ability to change lives, and to hold the powers that be accountable.”

For Groenewald, this industry is exciting because she gets to meet exceptional individuals and gets to write unusual stories about unique things. She also finds that, as a lecturer, she is inspired by the chance to help young people develop the skills they need to operate in the industry.

“These students have grown up in the online era,” she says. “Many of them are extremely talented and really eager to work in the industry. Journalism is an always-on career. The migration to online platforms has amplified this effect. In many instances, this has led to a loss of quality. On the other hand, it has created loads of potential, and people who currently work in the industry are in the position to help shape how it plays out.”

Groenewald plans to further her studies over the next few years and to find ways of maintaining quality in journalism, regardless of its platform.

“Every time that the industry’s circulation figures are released, we are again reminded of the continuing downward trend in print media,” she concludes. “It can no longer be seen as surprising. I believe a core of readers will remain who enjoy the finite read, and the visual presentation and physical element that print publications offer. At the same time, I think an important question to ask is whether media companies will be able to afford and commit to producing quality journalism in the online space.” — Tamsin Oxford