Frank Latter

Virtual reality developer, SenseVirtual

Son of well-known screenwriter Greg Latter, Frank Latter is a CGI artist, VJ (virtual jockey) and virtual reality developer at South Africa’s first dedicated virtual reality (VR) studio, SenseVirtual.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Latter left South Africa to teach English and travel in South Korea. It was here he fell in love with the combination of art, music and technology and has spent the last seven years crafting and performing live visuals at events and festivals across South Africa, including Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daisies, alongside top local and international artists.
“Art being the result of human creativity, expression and imagination, and technology the force that propels it,” explains Latter.
Wishing to increase his knowledge and skillset in the world of computer graphics, Frank enrolled at the Animation School in 2014.  While studying Frank became fascinated with the emerging technology platform of virtual reality and joined forces with other VR and tech enthusiasts Tyrone Rubin and Richard Ramsbottom to form SenseVirtual.

“As a kid in the 90s playing computer games, the dream of a virtual world made of digital information was already there.  The cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and Neil Stephenson and the Matrix films fueled that fire even further, but virtual reality still felt like something far off, the stuff of science fiction.”

Fast-forward to 2016 and VR is here, the technology has caught up to the dream and the ride is only beginning.

“I quickly realised that the skillset I am building in the world of computer graphics and animation is the skillset required to create VR worlds, and here I am, creating and living the virtual dream. The creativity of people never stops amazing me.”

With Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR available to consumers, Latter considers 2016 to be “year one” for virtual reality.

We have the first generation of VR headsets able to achieve ‘presence’, that magical feeling when your brain is tricked into believing that the virtual world is real,” he explains. “This isn’t television, films or computer games, this is something entirely new, and what it will become, how it will change the world, well that’s being written right now!  At SenseVirtual we want to be there, creating and building in this exciting new medium, and opening doors to worlds beyond our imagination.  We don’t only have a front row seat for the virtual future — we’re in it!” — Tiana Cline

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