Herman Lensing

Food editor, SARIE

Herman Lensing is a dynamic personality and passionate foodie, a combination of skills that netted him the role of the youngest ever food editor at SARIE magazine. He was only 21 when he was given the position and he has since then made it his own.

“I trained to be a chef and then realised that the long hours and constant abuse were not my idea of food,” laughs Lensing. “I wanted something creative which would still allow me to indulge in my love of food and have a social life. Then some talented people triggered something in me and I chose journalism as a career, with a specialism in food so I can share my love for it. To share a quote from my mother — ‘food is a powerful thing, as it can make someone’s day better.’ ”

Lensing says one of his most notable sources of inspiration is Sumien Brink, editor of VISI magazine. He is also inspired by the constant changes in the media industry as a whole, along with the rich flavours and textures of dishes from across the world. Today, he is driven to take his passion to new levels by embracing technology and all it can offer.

“Things that didn’t work when I started in the industry, do now,” says Lensing. “The platforms are changing and for me as a young South African, I am so excited to see how we as a country are embracing these changes. I grew up in conservative Upington and my mother didn’t much like change; now she is talking on social media!”

Lensing’s plans for the future are to keep on doing what he loves at SARIE in creating beautiful digital and print content that makes everyone salivate. He looks back on his career with pride and holds one moment as his most stand-out: “The moment Michelle van Breda told me I was food editor for SARIE,” he says. “I had just turned 21 and it was surreal. I never in my wildest dreams believed I would get this job.” — Tamsin Oxford




Twitter: @HermanLensing