Jade Archer

Head of digital, loveLife

Energy, passion and hard work are three important elements of business that marketing and communications specialist Jade Archer (32) applies every day to her life and her work.

Head of digital at youth empowerment programme loveLife, Archer has been at the forefront of taking the work loveLife does with young people in communities around South Africa to millions more people with the launch of iloveLife.mobi.

This is an innovative cellphone-based site that delivers a holistic youth development programme that equips young people with the skills, knowledge, insights and advice they need to navigate all aspects of life in South Africa.

The programme uses a mobi site rather than an app, making it accessible to all, no matter what phone they have. It provides young people with information, helping them access adolescent- and youth-friendly services, and then rewards them with things like airtime, data, and vouchers for movies and clothing stores.

“The innovative approach that loveLife’s iloveLife.mobi project has to youth development is really exciting. On a personal level it brings together all my passions: writing engaging content, marketing and communications, using digital media to drive behaviour change, and the opportunity to be involved with the largest youth development organisation in South Africa,” says Archer.

“loveLife’s mission is building complete leaders: young leaders who believe in their own power, develop resilience, respect equality, promote safety, live in optimal health and successfully connect with the resources of their society. I believe that’s what our country needs.”

Archer is motivated by a desire to create positive change in South Africa: “We live in an amazing country that is so dynamic and has so much energy. Even though we have lots of challenges, there is enormous scope to do work that can change peoples’ lives in a really tangible way.” — Linda Doke

Website: jadearcherblog.wordpress.com