Jeffrey Mulaudzi

Founder, Alexandra Bicycle Tours

Jeffrey Mulaudzi was born and raised in Alexandra in Johannesburg where he lived with two siblings and his mother, who was a domestic worker. He explains that he was very restless at school and wanted to be unique in everything, until he finally found an outlet for his restlessness through hockey.

His hockey skills saw him awarded a bursary at an upmarket school, which was where the seed for his business, Alexandra Bicycle Tours, was first planted. “I had a French hockey coach and in 2010 I gave him a tour of my hometown of Alexandra by bicycle. He enjoyed it so much he immediately called up four more of his friends. With the money they gave me I bought two more bicycles and the business was started,” says Mulaudzi.

The business has already earned a TripAdvisor Excellence award, and now, at the age of 24, he has grown it from a small initiative with two bicycles to a being professional tourism company with five full-time employees.

More than just a business, Mulaudzi ‘s company incidentally addresses the most pressing issues in South Africa: poverty, inequality and unemployment. As a local resident of Alexandra with humble beginnings, he has shaped his own destiny and is now making it possible for local people to earn an income.

His company provides a bridge between different population groups, and provides people from different social classes a way to interact freely and meaningfully. His initiative is also very relevant from an environmental sustainability point of view, as it promotes a culture of cycling, which is good for safety and provides sustainable, cheap urban transport.

Jeff recently started a very innovative corporate investment initiative, a bicycle sharing system for matric students in Limpopo, which makes it possible for students to stay at school longer, study more and improve their opportunities. — Kerry Haggard