Jordan Pepper

Racing Driver

At an age where most teenagers are hoping to get their driving licence, 19-year-old Jordan Pepper has already accomplished great things as a racing car driver.

“Motorsport has run in my family since my great grandfather raced in England. I practically grew up on the race track and just love the adrenaline you get out of motorsport. It requires focus and the fact that you are always racing on the edge means the pressure is on to be completely dedicated to what you are doing,” he says.

He admits that he had to make a lot of sacrifices.

“It was especially tough during my school years, and even now I do not often go out with my friends. But I have no regrets and want to be racing for the rest of my life.”

Such has been his commitment that he decided to move to Germany on his own after he matriculated to pursue his career.

“It has been tough going overseas but Europe is where everything happens and I am enjoying every minute of it. There is always another mountain to climb and I am constantly aiming higher and dreaming bigger.”

So far this focus has paid off, with Pepper recently being chosen as one of the Bentley Boys for the 2016 ADAC GT3 Masters series. He joins a team of six drivers that will compete in three cars, among a grid of 30 from eight manufacturers.

“I am really excited to make the change to the Factory Bentley Abt Team for 2016 after a very tough but promising first year in the 2015 ADAC GT Masters. I am thankful that the team has seen promise in me. This will be my second year in GT Racing and I will have a better understanding of what to expect.” — Iwan Pienaar

Photo: Volkswagen Motorsport