Klaas Mabunda

ANC branch chairperson, Modimolle

All there is to everything is keeping the faith, and daring to never lose hope. This is the principle upon which 29-year-old Klaas Mabunda, who heads the ANC branch in Modimolle, serves the people of his community.

Political consciousness was awakened early for Mabunda. Experiencing financial exclusion as a boy by not being able to meet his school’s uniform requirements or pay his school fees, he joined the Congress of South African Students, encouraged by the stand it took against the exclusion of learners for non-payment of school fees. He felt strongly that the doors of learning should be opened wide for every child, regardless of his or her background.

Modimolle is a community in Limpopo dogged by massive unemployment and limited opportunity. The people of the area struggle to afford even the most basic things such as sanitary towels, sanitation and access to basic education.

Mabunda is determined to uplift his community. He runs a programme of daily house-to-house visits across all social strata, from child-headed homes to the unemployed, personally seeing that the families are provided with access to basic services.

Always ready to set the example, Mabunda is happy to get his hands dirty — after recent violent service delivery protests, he was alongside members of the community, cleaning up the debris and encouraging parents to send their children to school.

Mabunda is kept motivated by the people in his community who, despite being in bad and bitter situations, are open-hearted, always expressing gratitude when they see people reaching out to them.

“We are masters of our own destinies, living in prisons of our own creation” is the motto Mabunda deeply believes in. His motivation to be the best he can is driven by the dream that Modimolle will one day become a winning community. — Linda Doke




Twitter: @KlaasMabunda