Koketso Moeti

Executive director, amandla.mobi

The unsung heroes of South Africa are often black women, who hold families, movements and societies together, despite often being adversely affected by the justice system.

Koketso Moeti is passionate about empowering black women, uplifting their position in society to its rightful place. She also strives to see that those most affected by injustice are able to take action on issues affecting their lives, in their own language.

Moeti is the executive director of amandla.mobi, a public benefit organisation that works to turn every cellphone into a democracy-building tool.

The aim of the project is to make sure those most affected by poverty, violence and corruption — black women from poor socioeconomic areas — can access cutting-edge tools to organise their communities in numbers that incentivise accountability and deliver change to people’s lives.

Since launching in June 2014, amandla.mobi has run over 40 mobile and multilingual campaigns to amplify the voices of those most affected by injustice, says Moeti. “We use creative technology and tactics to build a more just and people-powered South Africa, by enabling people to use their collective power to hold leaders in government and corporations to account. People can join campaigns using SMS and WhatsApp.”

At the same time as running the amandla.mobi initiative, 29-year-old Moeti is the national co-ordinator of Local Government Action, a loose alliance of South African organisations working on local government issues. She is also the deputy chairperson of the SOS Coalition.

A believer that change is not only out there, but that it’s also with us in every space we occupy, Koketso acknowledges she holds an interesting position.

“I recognise that I personally occupy a space in which I straddle two worlds — one being an oppressed [person] simply by virtue of my blackness and being a woman, but another in which I am also relatively privileged at the same time. So I think it’s a constant pursuit of trying to take action within these worlds, but also trying to not be limited by the confines imposed by those worlds.” — Linda Doke

Twitter: @KMoeti