Kudzayi Tiribabi

Programme manager, Mix 93.8 FM

In 2012 Kudzayi Tiribabi arrived at the doors of Mix 93.8 FM. He was a radio student fresh from Boston Media House with a keen eye for radio and a passion for the medium as a whole. It became a joke at the station that once Tiribabi got in the door, he never left. He hosted a late night weekend show, was involved in radio sales, script writing, advert production and jingles and also played a part on the technical side, and he did all this while doing his media studies.

“From a very young age I knew that radio was all I ever wanted to do,” says Tiribabi. “I fell in love with radio the first time I walked into a studio. What inspires me about it is the impact it has on society; the ability to touch lives in a personal way. No other medium can achieve that.”

Tiribabi has been inspired along his journey by some of the industry’s most notable names. Tich Mataz, a close family friend, who used to work for 5FM, Tony Blewitt, a colleague at Mix 93.8 and other individuals like Given Mkhari, who owns a few stations — they are all people who have taught Tiribabi a great deal and understand his passion for radio.

“Radio is a major part of people’s lives. It is personal,” says Tiribabi. “People get in the car and tune into a radio station because they want to listen to music, traffic, news or just a particular presenter. When I started in radio I didn’t know there was more to it than just presenting. I thought guys just worked for three hours, and that was it. Now I know the time spent on sourcing content, coming up with ideas and honing content!”

Tiribabi’s most memorable moments of his career were when he was inducted into the MTN Radio Awards’ Bright Stars Club, and when he was promoted to a programme manager at the age of 22. He was thrown into the deep end and it changed his life.

“My plans for the future are to one day own my own radio station and to make a difference in our society, touching as many lives as possible. I’ve always said that there is no point in being successful if your success isn’t going to be of benefit to others.” — Tamsin Oxford



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