Lawrence Ndlovu


Father Lawrence Ndlovu is a Catholic priest whose work helping others in numerous areas proves that even today, many in the church truly practise the message of Christ.

“A priest will always be at the heart of the lives of the people he serves. I see myself firstly as a Catholic priest, then as a youth activist, writer, speaker and a big believer in community-based initiatives. I counsel young people, families and all those who seek counsel,” says Ndlovu.

Lawrence worked for some time in the Catholic Youth Office of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, and was a facilitator of the Education For Life programme with the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference from 2002 to 2007.

“In this development space, we were able to work with young people across southern Africa, including Botswana and Swaziland. We have worked with young people in schools, correctional facilities, the church and different communities.”

Ndlovu is motivated primarily by his faith, but South Africa, and its wonderful people and potential, also inspire him.

“Working with people, especially young people, in the forgotten pockets of this country and in its over-populated cities, I am often moved by their stories and what they have had to go through. I think about the many people with so much talent but no way to grow their talents into livelihood. I want to reach some of them and work with them,” says Ndlovu.

“I am inspired by the giants who have walked before us. Often I think about my grandparents from rural KwaZulu-Natal who arrived in Johannesburg with nothing and built their lives from scratch. I look at what they have achieved and I am inspired.”

A regular columnist for the Daily Maverick, Ndlovu uses his voice to reflect upon issues of national importance, ranging from politics to day-to-day matters. — Linda Doke

Twitter: @NdlovuLawrence