Mandla Lionel Isaacs

Director of research, department of home affairs

Lionel Isaacs believes his life purpose is to contribute to the African renaissance through politics, public service and intellectualism.

As director of research in the office of the ministers of home affairs, Isaacs has contributed to the policymaking process as part of the team developing a new international migration policy for South Africa.

“I believe good public policy is crucial to advance society, so it has been exciting to be inside the process. International migration is an urgent and complex topic, with significant political, social and economic dimensions. I’m grateful to be part of the team developing recommendations on how South Africa can best manage international migration in ways that advance our national interests, and our connectedness with Africa and the world.”

Isaacs (33) sees influencing the economy to work for everyone as one of South Africa’s greatest challenges.

“Even in the most developed countries, it is difficult for governments to influence the economy to achieve social objectives. In South Africa, with our unique history and racial inequality, it is even more so. Developing new ideas and approaches to address structural inequality is the global issue of our time.”

Philosopher and revolutionary Franz Fanon said that each generation must discover its mission, and either fulfil or betray it. Isaacs believes our mission should be to build a South Africa and Africa in which all children, no matter to whom they are born, receive a quality education, have a decent quality of life, and have the opportunity to actualise themselves.






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