Mondli Zondo

Director of parliamentary research, National Freedom Party

Mondli Zondo believes that the epitome of courage is being afraid but doing it anyway.

A natural leader with a talent for public speaking and a determination to make a difference in South Africa through influencing policy and law formation, Zondo is the director of parliamentary research for the National Freedom Party (NFP) in the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature.

His day-to-day work involves research, policy development and political analysis, and he gets his inspiration from seeing people benefit from the work the NFP does.

“I love that, through careful planning and well-considered execution, we are able to draw the attention of government and the public to the appalling circumstances of impoverished communities so that people can receive the aid and assistance they need,” says Zondo.

“I also love that fact that I am a part of strengthening our democracy by playing the role of a strong and effective opposition party which exercises oversight on the executive.”

Just 27 years old, Zondo feels one of the greatest challenges is having people undermine you because of your age. “Politics has for a long time been the domain of the older generation, and now that there is a surge in young people entering political life, some of that older generation feel threatened and think you don’t know what you are talking about.”


Twitter: @MoZondo