Rob Forbes


Rob Forbes is a renowned 5FM DJ with a powerful radio presence and an equally powerful personality. His skill in deftly capturing the attention of his audience and his awards — one MTN Radio Award and two nominations — speak of a talent set to light up the South African landscape for some time to come. Rob is socially conscious, passionate about his career and has created a show which is reflective of all South Africans, regardless of gender or colour.

“I came to radio as someone who appreciated the art of presenting, but never thought they would be able to do it,” says Forbes. “After joining a station on campus, I was taken by the technical elements of it and slowly learned the art of what happens on air as well. I’m lucky I’ve been a part of both sides.”

For Forbes, being a DJ is a real skill that improves with practice, and he receives real-time feedback from an audience quick to share opinions and views. It is also a career which he finds deeply satisfying and one which was inspired by some of South Africa’s finest.

“I grew up listening to talk radio in the car — Dan Moyane, John Berks and the like,” says Forbes. “When I started actually working in radio it was with guys like DJ Fresh, a man whose journey has been so long and important it has literally shaped radio and music for more than one generation in this country.”

Forbes has plans to build towards a drive-time show at 5FM, which is, he believes, every entertainment presenter’s dream position.

“Ideally, you want that one under your belt,” he laughs. “I also want to do talk radio at some stage. I’ve never done it and it would be an entirely new radio challenge. It’s going to be important to keep an eye on what broadcast media looks like in five to 10 years; a lot will change. For people paying attention, there will definitely be opportunities to do interesting things.” — Tamsin Oxford

Twitter: @RobForbesDJ