Sara Chitambo

Project manager, ZAZI

Growing up, Sara Chitambo knew she wanted to tell stories and do things that are meaningful and add value to people’s lives. She equipped herself with a degree in film and media studies and leapt into health activism, infusing public health messages into everyday conversations using popular culture, mass media and social media.

Chitambo finds her work fulfilling. She is project manager at ZAZI, a national women’s campaign that speaks out for women and tackles the needs and issues of young women in an accessible way, encouraging them to support each other under the motto “know your strength”.

She says planning media strategies and complementary social media strategies allows for the same message to be experienced on multiple platforms. It is exciting, knowing the power of covering a single important topic across television, radio, outdoor advertising Facebook and Twitter. This kind of reach soon has people talking about it on the streets and around dinner tables.

“It’s life-affirming to be able to be creative in messaging that helps people. Constantly having to negotiate the challenging but necessary partnership with government also keeps us on our toes, and thinking outside the box for innovative ways of working,” says Chitambo.

At 35, there are two recurring themes in Sara’s philosophy on life: don’t be afraid to start over — it’s a brand new opportunity to start something better; and we need to be alive to live our best life.

“As long as I’m still alive, I can keep trying to help others. Life can sometimes knock you down, but as long as you’re not dead, you have another chance to really live out the dreams of your heart and get closer to expressing your true self with every lesson learned.” — Linda Doke

Twitter: @inaturell