Sibusiso Ngalwa

Editor, Daily Dispatch

Sibusiso Ngalwa is the 31-year old editor of the Daily Dispatch, one of the most respected daily newspapers in the Eastern Cape. His rise through the ranks has been both fascinating and impressive, as he progressed from a general reporter at the Sunday Tribune to senior political correspondent and then political editor at the Sunday Times before joining the Dispatch.

“I grew up reading the Dispatch — my late father was a regular reader although, with hindsight, I am not quite sure if his interest was more the horse racing results or the news,” laughs Ngalwa. “From the time I was doing grade 11 I knew that I would pursue journalism as a career, especially after my dad piqued my interest by saying media was the coolest profession ever. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Few things excite Ngalwa as much as changing someone’s life through the stories he tells and it is the tales of everyday heroes that make him want to wake up and go an edit another edition of the publication.

“We are the mirror of society and we make those who do wrong under the cover of darkness face up to their actions by exposing them,” says Ngalwa. “I always say that if I could write as well as Barney Mthombothi, work half as hard as Angela Quintal, be as disciplined as Moshoeshoe Monare and be as meticulous with my work as S’Thembiso Msomi, and lastly be as brave as Phylicia Oppelt, then I would have done my bit in journalism.”

Ngalwa’s plans for the future are to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and to ensure that his print product remains relevant, with exclusive content that continues to set it apart from the rest.

“Investigative journalism has always been the hallmark of the Daily Dispatch; for a regional newspaper it punches way above its weight and has the accolades to show for it,” concludes Ngalwa. “My predecessors have left a good track record for me to follow and that is what I intend on doing, especially as we head into a digital future.” — Tamsin Oxford