Taylor Gibb

Derivco R&D, Microsoft regional director, founder of Developer Hut

Taylor Gibb (22) dropped out of school in the second week of grade nine. He currently works on the research and development team at Derivco, where he gets to dream big every day.

“After hours I run my own company, Developer Hut. I am a four-time Microsoft most valuable professional (MVP), and as of this year, a Microsoft regional director, one of only 100 in the world.”

Microsoft regional directors like Gibb are “independent technology enthusiasts”, expected to be adept in many different areas of technology and who form the contact point between Microsoft and the developer community. Although not employees of Microsoft, regional directors form part of an official Microsoft programme.

But you might also recognise Gibb, as he is an active public speaker who regularly speaks at universities and technology events nationwide.

“When I was about 17, I started working for a company called iSolve. I moved from there to Derivco and have had four jobs here since; I am now in my happy place. My team is called TechInc and we get to work on cutting-edge technology.

“There are six of us who look three to five years into the future and create prototypes using the technology of tomorrow. It’s a great team to be in — I get to change my mind three times a week about what I want to work on.”

Some examples of things Gibb and his team have worked on include augmented and virtual reality, creating some amazing gaming software on these platforms, as well as the internet of things and exciting Big Data projects.

“I am very technical. In my spare time I like to dabble with my own personal projects as well as work on my own company. I like to dabble with electronics as well. When I am not in front of my PC or laptop, I enjoy traveling and reading a good book (the technical kind, of course),” he adds. “I am living the dream. I get to do what I love every day of my life, and I never want to stop working. It doesn’t feel like work though, so I guess that old cliché holds true.”

Gibb is continually inspired by his parents — “they are the hardest workers you will ever meet” — and loves the fact that there is so much space for disruption in the South African tech sector. “It’s still in its infancy, and that leaves a lot of opportunity to make a difference.”

Gibb recently agreed to an undisclosed amount of shares in a South African-based Augmented Reality company. “There are also a few big products in the pipeline for Developer Hut.” Watch this space. — Tiana Cline

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