Albertus Duba

Youth Leader

Although Albertus is only a 17 years old and still at school, the grade 12 student at Cape Town High School has already developed a political conscience of note. His peers describe him as an inspirational leader and his human rights activities in Delft South and District Six, Cape Town has won wide acclaim.

Curently he is the chairperson of the Western Cape Representative Council of Learners, interim committee, which is a WCED initiative. The initiative is the first of its kind in South Africa, to look at issues affecting learners in schools and in their communities. His leadership qualities were brought to surface when he was elected as a human rights and anti-racism ambassador as part of the British Council’s Unboxed project which promotes a culture of anti- racism and human rights among young people.

He was also one of the 18 young South African ambassadors who represented South Africa on an educational exchange study tour visit to London in July 2004. For his unboxed community project Albertus, together with a fellow participant, established the Madd Performers, a youth community project based in Delft South and Zonnebloem Nest High School. The project uses music, art, dance, and drama in dealing with issues of stereotyping, labelling, and racism with other young people participants.

Lunch Spot: Mugg and Bean, Waterfront, Cape Town