Elizabeth O’Leary

Executive director of Women for Housing

Elizabeth is the executive director of Women for Housing.

She has lived and worked in South Africa on and off for the past 11 years. She has been involved in housing and construction since childhood, owing to her parents’ construction and property development business.

Women for Housing facilitates career and business development opportunities for women in the housing and construction sectors. The organisation plays a strong advocacy role and supports the empowerment and integration of women into the housing-delivery process. Through the organisation’s involvement in the development of the Construction Charter, she has fought for significant targets to be set to ensure that various avenues are opened for women at all levels of the sector. Elizabeth and her colleagues continuously face the challenge of opening doors for women in a traditionally male sector.

Elizabeth has an MA from Boston University, where she did her thesis on The Challenge of Housing in the New South Africa: From International Assistance to Community Participation.

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