Graffiti artist

Thirty-three-year-old Falko has made a name for himself as one of South African’s most famous graffiti artists.

His interest was sparked by his exposure to rap music in 1988. The South African graffiti art scene in the 1980s was primarily associated with the freedom struggle and was not socially accepted medium of expression. Nevertheless, it was during these years that Falko learnt his trade. For the past 12 years, graffiti has been Falko’s sole artistic medium of expression and income. Since 1995 he has travelled to Europe every year exploring cultural differences with European graffiti counterparts.

A personal highlight in his career was contributing to the 2005 Athens Olympic project, “Chromopolis”, as well as recent the British Council’s international Lines of Attitude project that explores graffiti and culture expressions and its potential relevance in society. Lines of Attitude challenges the singular perception of graffiti as vandalism trumpeting the skill, craft and social value of the art form. Falko believes it is important to give back to his community and does so by hosting graffiti workshops and motivational talks around the country.

Lunch Spot: Lady Bee, Observatory, Cape Town