Jacqueline Kehilwe Manyaapelo


This 27-year old Jazzart dancer is currently on a mentorship programme for the artistic directorship role at Jazzart Theatre Dance Company.

Jaqueline is a graduate of Jazzart’s young adult training and job creation programme. She has been employed as a dancer since 2002 with the company. Her interests lie in the social and political responsibilities of Jazzart’s training programme and various educational, rural, and urban programmes that it has initiated. It is the interconnectedness of all these elements, that is, performance training programme, community work, and rural projects that appeal to her creative nature as it gives her a context in which to operate.

Jaqueline has performed and facilitated groups of young dancers in numerous international and festivals such as the Liverpool Brouhaha street festival in the United Kingdom and the Oxfam international youth parliament in Australia. She has also starred in local productions such as Dead Man Walking, Guardian of the Flame and Maya Sechaba. As part of her continuing learning and mentorship, Jackie undertook a two-week study tour to London where she visited a number of performance companies and training institutions exploring different artistic styles.

Lunch Spot: Sundance Gourmet Coffee Co, Cape Town