John van de Ruit

Writer and Actor

John, an author, actor and playwright, first stepped on to the stage in the title role of Oliver in the 1990 Michaelhouse school production and has never looked back.

He is renowned both as an actor and writer and his first novel Spud, shot to number one on the South African bestseller list. His second novel Spud, The Madness Continues will be launched in early 2007. As a writer, John has won a number of awards including an FNB Vita award for best script and the Noupoort award for new writing, both for his play War Cry. He has also won two awards for his co-writing of Green Mamba and three tor Black Mamba. In 2004, he directed, produced and wrote his second full~ength play, Crooked, which premiered at the 2004 Hilton Festival. He also appeared in his own play War Cry. Most recently he has been seen in Greig Coetzee’s Seeing Red an Athol Fugard’s People Are Living There, for which he received an FNB’Vita award nomination. John has also starred in an independent film called, I Shot Lucy and an ABC docu-drama, Global Health, due to be screened in the United States this year.

Together with Ben Voss he received the Johannesburg Naledi award for best comedy performance for Green Mamba. Black Mamba, the second show in the popular Mamba series, premiered in 2005.

Lunch Spot: George's on Fourth, Parkhurst, Johannesburg