Judith February

Judith is the head of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa's Political information and Monitoring Service, where she has worked since June 2000. Prior to that, she practised law in Cape Town. At Ida sa, she has worked extensively on issues of good governance, transparency and accountability within the South African context.. Her work includes research on corruption and its impact on governance, Parliamentary oversight and general political analysis. Judith, who enjoys travel, reading, the outdoors, good food and supporting South Africa's sports teams, is particularly interested in law as a tool for advocacy and the intersection between law and politics. She also has a keen interest in the development and interpretation of socio-economic rights jurisprudence in South Africa. Her opinion is highly rated in the local media and she also does consultancy work on South Africa for a New York-based group as part of its Stability Index on 25 developing countries around the world. �

Lunch Spot: Five Flies, Cape Town; Wakame, Greenpoint