Londeka Mkhize

Youth Leader

Londeka, an influential youth leader in the Durban area, might still only be at school but her leadership qualities have won international praise. She contributed extensively to one of the British Council’s Sports leadership initiatives “Dreams and Teams”, by taking a lead as a participant and by being a motivational speaker for her peers.

The leadership of the grade 11 student, came to light when she rubbed shoulders with influential young and established leaders and shared her vision in sports and the importance of youth participation in socicreconomic and political activities. She was nominated to do a presentation to the United Kingdom’s Minister of Sports, Sir Richard Colburn who visited South Africa, which subsequently let to her being invited to visit the UK’s House of Parliament. Londeka is an active member of the netball team of her school, Hillgrove Secondary School.

She is also a member of the debate team and is contemplating whether to study law or industrial psychology once she graduates from high school. Her motto is to always be positive and never let anything negative affect one.

Lunch Spot: Bean Bag Bohemia, Durban