Melissa Fourie

Director of enforcement in the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

Melissa is prepared to take on all kinds of offenders in her role as director of enforcement in the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. She has managed a number of prosecutions of offenders, including the Mandara Trust toxic dumping case in East London, as well as several administrative enforcement actions against some of the country’s biggest private and public sector companies. Melissa is an environmental lawyer with an LLB degree from the University of Stellenbosch, a higher diploma in tax law from the University of Cape Town, a master’s degree in environment and development from the London School of Economics and a certificate in environmental law from Wits University. In her current role she is responsible for criminal and administrative enforcement of pollution and waste legislation at a national level. Her directorate IS responsible for building national environmental enforcement capacity, and is’ leading the national roll-out of the Environmental Management Inspectorate (the “Green Scorpions Before joining the department, she practised as a commercial litigation attorney in Cape Town, and then headed up the policy and research in the South African country office of the IUCN-World Conservation Union. When she needs to escape the pressures of her job, Melissa plays the piano or listens to classical music. Feminism and gender politics are among her other passions.

Lunch Spot: Bite, Greenside, Jo'burg; River Cafe, Constantia