Oupa Bodibe

Director of the National Labour and Economic Development Institute

Oupa is director of the National Labour and Economic Development Institute, a research arm of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, and is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the institute. His political education was shaped in his home town of Tembisa, on the East Rand, through the youth and student movement, principally the Congress of South African Students and Tembisa Youth Congress. But he is more than a struggle hero, becoming an important policy-builder in Cosatu.

He joined the Cosatu parliamentary office as a research intern and was eventually appointed deputy head of the office. In this role he prepared and made submissions to Parliament and government departments on behalf of the federation. He also supported and actively participated in negotiations at the National Economic Development and Labour Council. In 2000, Oupa was redeployed to the Cosatu head office as a coordinator in the secretariat and has been instrumental in preparing several political discussion papers and reports as well as writing speeches for national office bearers.

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