Reuben Riffel


Reuben Riffel is executive chef of Reuben’s, which scooped top honours at the 2004 Eat Out Johnnie Walker Restaurant Awards, winning both Chef of the Year and Restaurant of the Year.

Despite having no formal training and starting off as a waiter, Reuben Riffel has matured into one of South Africa’s premier chefs. His first opportunity to run his own kitchen came when he was in his early 20s. He helped to establish the Monneaux Restaurant as one of the Top 10 restaurants in South Africa. After three years at Monneax he moved to Cambridge, England, to run another award-winning restaurant, before moving back to South Africa to start his own restaurant with partners.

Reuben’s philosophy is simply to create extraordinary food with familiar ingredients that people know and love. He believes any style will do, as long as it is creative, delicious cuisine.

Lunch Spot: La Coulombe, Constantia