Silurrko Khetokuhle Einstein Radebe-Mabona

National organiser of the Anti-Privatisation Forum

Silumko is the recently appointed national organiser of the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF), a social movement fighting any form of privatisation of state assets by the government.

Born and bred in Soweto, Silumko has taken up the issues that affect his community most. He stays in Soweto, where he mobilises and organises actions by communities to improve basic service delivery by the government. The 22 communities that the APF works with are mainly poor, underdeveloped communities that are resisting the implementation of what they call the “micro-neo-liberal policy of the government that has led to a further collapse in the provision of basic service delivery”.

Silumko says working for the private sector until 2003 gave him a chance to learn what it means to be exploited by the private sector. He decided to become involved in community struggles “instead of dreaming of riches”. The bad experiences he had in a multi-racial school also made him determined to fight racism through community actions and to motivate the youth to become involved in community issues.

Lunch Spot: Mnandi's, Soweto; Backroom,Soweto