CEO of FNB Cash

Batlhako Ntsime was appointed CEO of FNB Cash in September last year. He joined FNB in 2000 as part of a group of new recruits participating in an exclusive development programme. His responsibilities ranged from a product specialist, COO responsible for FNB corporate electronic banking, product development and research, and COO of FNB Online overseeing product operations, compliance, audit and risk.

He was appointed as an attorney in 1999 after obtaining his LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand. Ntsime grew up in Rustenburg and also matriculated there. His busy schedule also has to allow for speaking at numerous forums and conferences as well as writing articles, one of which, Relentless Focus on Execution, was used as a contribution to the book Boosting Your Career: Tips from Top Executives by Estienne de Beer.

Watching sport over the weekends helps him to relax and so does spending time with his family. His favourite sports to watch are a good game of soccer, a cricket match or the Formula One Grand Prix

Lunch spot: Rio de Sol, Grayston Shopping Centre