Currently the holder of a National Research Foundation Innovations post-doctoral fellowship, Carol Simon spends much of her time inspecting worms at the department of zoology and entomology at Rhodes University. In particular, her research focuses on the biology, reproduction and taxonomy of polychaete worms that are pests to cultured abalone. She has been investigating the reproductive cycles of the worms as well as describing the developmental mode of their larvae, as this information has important implications for implementing effective treatment methods on farms. She is now preparing the first taxonomic description of a species that occurs along the south coast of South Africa, which is new to science. The best thing about her work, she says, is that it is the perfect marriage of fundamental and applied research that employs a range of different techniques, so she is constantly learning. This work also enables her to collaborate with researchers in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

LUNCH SPOT: The Yellow Piano, Grahamstown