Comedian and actor

The Ugandan-born and Krugersdorp-raised David Kibuuka’s stature as a comedian and actor  has been raised considerably by his recent role in Bunny Chow: Know Thyself.

As its primary writer and main protagonist, he provided the film with its emotional core and was, along with director John Barker, its main creative force. Like most of the members of the team responsible for the influential TV programme Pure Monate Show, Kibuuka cut his teeth as a stand-up comic. He has performed with all the local scene’s major players on all its major platforms.

His thoughtful, intelligent brand of humour has proved popular with audiences. Kibuuka will continue to perform and write scripts and has also recently been rehearsing with a band. He has an honours degree in finance from Wits University, but he shows no signs of giving up comedy to take up a more lucrative, “respectable” profession.

Lunch Spot: Mezza Luna, Melville