Dirk Hermann is the deputy general secretary of trade union Solidarity. He and is the author of numerous published articles. He is the author is regularly quoted in the South African media concerning labour-related matters of two books about the South African policy of affirmative action and South African tertiary institutions respectively. A third book on affirmative action will be published later this year. In 1993, Hermann obtained a degree in law, after which he obtained three post-graduate qualifications in industrial psychology, industrial sociology and labour law. He received his master's degree cum laude and was awarded best master's degree student in labour relations. Hermann has addressed three international academic conferences on affirmative action and trade unionism in the new economy. He was chairperson of the student council of Potchefstroom University in 1995 and 1996 and led the transformation process on behalf of the students. He was also a member of the minister of education's task team on the transformation of tertiary institu- tions as well as a member of the South African Students' Council. In 1996, he was awarded the council medal of Potchefstroom University for academic achievement and community development. During that same year, he received the sought-after Abe Bailey travel bursary to England for leadership and academic development, and underwent a six-month in- service training programme in the United States in the field of labour relations.

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