Khalo Matabane


His movies have been described as “intimate, political and dead smart”.

Fiercely independent filmmaker Khalo Matabane blends documentary and drama in his personal vision of post-apartheid South African life. In the first decade of his career, Matabane directed a series of documentaries, including Poetic Conversations,a profile of Black Consciousness poet Ingoaplee Mandingoane (1996); Two Decades Still (1996), a look at the country 20 years after the 1976 Soweto uprisings; Young Lions (1999), a narrative about former youth freedom fighters; Love in a Time of Sickness (2001), a personal Aids awareness documentary; and Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon (2005), which explores the lives of immigrant communities in Johannesburg.

Matabane’s work has been screened at the Toronto and Berlin international film festivals

Lunch spot: Anything, anywhere, from pap and meat to Japanese food