Kim Engelbrecht is a household face and name.

The 25-year-old Capetonian hails from the rich culture of the Cape Flats and is one of four children of a retired widow. Engelbrecht got her big break in 1993 at the tender age of 12, when she landed the lead role of Sarah in the film Sarahsara, an Italian production directed by Renzo Martinelli in conjunction with Milan-based Martinelli Productions.

Shortly after that, she was snatched up by the SABC to host the flagship educational show Take Five. In 2000, she relocated to Johannesburg and was awarded the prestigious Duku Duku award for best female presenter in local broadcasting. Engelbrecht then decided to venture into the world of acting, joining the cast of Isidingo, where she moulded the character of Lolly.

In 2007, she played the lead in the cult drama Popcorn at the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg. Engelbrecht is a multitalented ball of enthusiasm, who loves exploring her God-given talents.

Lunch spot: Soi, Melville