Indian bridal stylists

Marklyn Govender and Clint Singh are Durban’s sought-after “leading Indian bridal stylists”.

After leaving an events-management business three years ago, the pair launched a career in visual art, working under the mentorship of senior artist Andrew Verster. As a result, they have now exhibited at all major contemporary galleries in KwaZulu-Natal. This year, they were invited to exhibit at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Each has studied beauty and styling abroad, in London and India. They won a prize position when asked to create a three-storey-high mural for the Raphael hotel in Sandton. The two are also well-known personalities in the media and on television.

Future projects include the launch of a private and exclusive collection of men’s fashion clothing. They recently exhibited a joint artwork at the Mahatma Gandhi centenary both in South Africa and in Delhi, India. Their work has been featured in local glossy magazines, including Plascon Colour magazine.They are highly regarded stylists and have designed their own magnificent pieces of jewellery and accessories for distinguished brides.

Lunch spot: Spiga'dora, Durban; Cape Town Fish Market