Comedian Riaad Moosa, known as the “comedy doctor”, is a silver medallion graduate of the College of Magic in Cape Town.

He started doing stand-up comedy while still studying at the University of Cape Town’s medical school. He has appeared on just about every major comedy stage in the country, receiving excellent reviews from his parents and critics alike. In 2002, he was part of the largest stand-up show in the history of South African television, Laugh out Loud, and in 2003 he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. For film and television, he has written for the cult programme, the Pure Monate Show, and he had one line in the movie Crazy Monkey – Straight outta Benoni. In 2006, Riaad had a hit with his first one-man show, Strictly Halaal. Riaad’s humour is based on his experiences as a young Muslim relating to post-9/11 Islamaphobia and growing up in Cape Town.

The comedy doctor says he will “split your sides and keep you in stitches at the same time”.

Lunch spot: Auntie Nisa's house after mosque on Fridays