Never far from the spotlight, whether it is for his ongoing battles with Swimming South Africa, turning down multimillion-dollar deals to change nationality or for becoming the fastest man on the planet in the water, Roland Schoeman's is a name that South Africans have come to know well in the three years since he brought home gold, silver and bronze from the Athens Olympics in 2004. Bornin Pretoria but based in Arizona, Schoeman took up swimming at the age of 16 to impress a girl.Much has happened since then, with the 26-year-old boasting three Olympic medals, three World Championship titles and multiple national, continental and world records. Schoeman still holds the short-course 50m and 100m freestyle world records (the latter shared with Ian Crocker) and long-course 50m butterfly world record.After a somewhat disappointing performance at the World Championships in Melbourne earlier this year (one gold inthe 50m butterfly as opposed to two golds, a silver and two world records at the last World Championships in 2005), he or is eager to get back on to the top of the podium in Beijing next year.

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