Ruth Hall researches and engages in policymaking regarding land redistribution, land restitution, farm dwellers' tenure rights and integrated-development planning at the University of the Western Cape. She is a pundit on land redistribution policy and practice and her research on the subject is underpinned by gender rights and farm- dweller tenure. Hall cut her teeth on agricultural rights working for the Centre for Rural Legal Studies, an NGO based in Stellenbosch, where she worked on farm workers' labour and tenure rights, including farm worker minimum wage regulations. She hails from the Eastern Cape, where she developed her love for land issues. She is currently reading for her doctorate in the faculty of politics at the University of Oxford and working on a dissertation on the politics of land reform in post-apartheid South Africa, 1990 to 2004. Hall has acted as an adviser to the department of land affairs. She has authored or co-authored 28 publications, mainly about the socio-political impact of land reform in South Africa. Her first book, The Land Question in South Africa, co- edited with Lungisile Ntsebeza, will be published later this year.

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