Alan Knott-Craig Jnr

The son of Vodacom's chief executive Alan Knott-Craig Snr, Alan Jnr is a major player in the ICT space in his own right. He is the current managing director of iBurst, formerly known as WBS. Alan Jnr was appointed as managing director in the beginning of 2006 when Blue Label Investment bought a share of iBurst. Alongside iBurst's chief executive Thami Mtshali, they have turned the wireless broadband operator into a major player and, through iBurst's partnership with Vodacom, and it's affordable entry-level broadband packages, which aim to upgrade users from dial-up to broadband internet, it has built a substantial market share in the industry. iBurst's more recent movements have been to branch out into Voip offerings and gaming platforms, which they hope will drive subscription to their broadband offerings. Alan Jnr was the former managing director of Cell- find, a wireless application service provider.

Lunch spot: Myoga, Cape Town