Casta Mwase

If I were elected mayor: I would focus on developing young people to take action and get involved. Initiate programmes that will focus on the future. Casta is a people person. For her it is all about making a difference in the lives of others and that is why she would love to study either psychology or social work. Coming from a large family she knows all about relations and negotiations, which has helped her to stand her ground and be goal-oriented. She has been volunteering across a number of organisations for the past seven years and has been a VCT counsellor, a facilitator at various youth advisory centres and has advised young people on careers. As a loveLife mpintshi and later groundBREAKER she motivated and counselled numerous people and will continue on this career path towards making an impact on the lives of disadvantaged youngsters.

Lunch spot: Meditating away from noise