Chia-Chao Wu

The son of Taiwanese parents, Chia-Chao inherited his entrepreneurial instinct. In 2002 he founded Empower- dex with Vuyo Jack and steered the company into the sphere of BEE research. Chia-Chao is a master's graduate, chartered accountant and chartered financial analyst. He has lectured at universities at post-doctoral level and researched and co-authored Traiblazers, South African's Champion of Change. In 2008 Chia-Chao handed over his role as managing director of Empowerdex to become the company's executive deputy chairperson, a posi- tion that allows him to grow the company beyond the borders of South Africa. Intellidex, an independent research agency, has already been established to facilitate global investments. Chia-Chao has also successfully fostered new South African industries by bridging empowerment busi- nesses and Taiwanese technology. He played a key role in bringing the first integrated solar manufacturer technology into South Africa, enabling South Africans to manufacture Solar Energy Systems.

Lunch spot: Butcher Shop, Sandton Square