Chuma Sepotla

Yoga, mime and dance may be her special talents, but Chuma has proven that she has a whole lot more to offer. A performance graduate, she has a string of acclaimed theatre pieces under her belt. She has worked with internationally acclaimed directors Jay Pather and Lara Foot Newton, performing in theatres and festivals around the country. Not just a pretty face, she will creep up on you when least expected � like when she doubled up as a stunt performer in Leon Schuster's Mama Jack. Her talent has also taken her to on-screen roles in the Interrogation Room and numerous corporate videos. Committed to using her art as a vehicle for change, Chuma finds value in doing challenging and educational industrial theatre pieces. It's all rhythm and no blues for this performance dynamo as she continues to create.

Lunch spot: Embenzeni, Mowbray, Cape Town