Fred Swaniker

Fred is an MBA Stanford University graduate and has a BA in Economics, magna cum laude, from Macal- ester College in Minnesota. He is the founder and chief executive of the African Leadership Academy, a world- class school that aims to develop future generations of African leaders. Fred was inspired to launch the academy in 2003 while searching for a way to accelerate Africa's development. He was struck by the disproportionate impact that a few individuals such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu could have in transforming African society. This realisation spurred Fred on to envision an institution that would increase the supply of individuals of such calibre who can positively impact on society. Prior to this, Fred launched the Summer Academy in Cape Town, a youth leadership development programme. He also worked at McKinsey and Company, where he was a strategic adviser to the management teams of large companies in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania.

Lunch spot: Africa Leadership Academy