Gugulethu Zulu

Gugulethu is a professional rally driver for the Works BP/VW Rally Team. His ambition to be a racing driver started with studies in sports marketing. He later worked for a leading motorsport sponsorship company, Pole Position Promotions, where, as brand manager, he was head of marketing and sponsorship and TV and radio advertising. With this experience and knowledge of the industry under his belt, he joined Mortimer Harvey to work on the A1GP and Absa's vehicle and asset �nance accounts. Following that success, he became commercial manager for A1 Team South Africa and was a key player in getting the A1GP Durban Street Race off the ground. Gugulethu also �nds time to host Car Torque and is a guest presenter for the A1GP series. And he has his hands �rmly on the wheel for his next move: the international racing circuit.

Lunch spot: Anywhere that serves chicken pizza