Hannes Oosthuizen

At the age of �ve Hannes was reading Car, South Africa's largest circulating car magazine. After dismissing ideas of being a racing car driver and car designer, he pursued a career in journalism and was appointed sports editor for Paarl Post before moving on to his dream job. At 24 he was staff writer for Car and is now deputy editor. Integral to the content and design of the magazine as well as sub-editing, planning and writing features, Hannes has also test-driven every car on the market, including a snow mobile on a frozen lake in Sweden and Formula 1 cars in France. As the only South African juror on the World Car of The Year Panel it is clear that Hannes will continue to strive to retain his credible rep for being a motoring journalist who you can trust to call it as he sees it.

Lunch spot: Kauai