Henk Kleynhans

Henk is the brain behind Skyrove, one of the department of science and technology's Top 100 technology companies in 2006. The idea behind Skyrove is to allow Internet users the ability to earn an income by creating and managing their own unique hotspots. It is as simple as plugging a Skyrove router into your broadband connection, either ADSL or wireless, and purchasing credits online to begin surfing the net. By sharing their internet access with their neigbhours, internet users can become entrepreneurs and at the same time help to increase broadband penetration in the country. At the end of each month, Skyrove will pay out 50% of the revenues earned from its users. Henk also writes a popular blog about technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital at ww.geekrebel.com.

Lunch spot: Frangipani's, Woodstock, Cape Town