Jahmil X T Qubeka

A filmmaker with a string of productions under his belt Jahmil's portfolio includes televison programmes, documentaries, music videos and commercials. He has worked with reputable names in the industry such as Ochre Media and Urban Brew. Together with a partner he now runs his own media company ZA Kingmakers, a creative incubator for media-related work. Jahmil is the winner of the prestigious Peabody Award in the United States for an Aids documentary he directed for Sesame Street. A few years ago he embarked on a mission to create Africa's first indigenous super hero, Shogun Khumalo, which was revealed at the Cannes Film Festival with much interest for further develop- ment. Keep your eye on this filmmaker as he sets his sights on the big screen. Jahmil's first feature film Umalusi is due for release later this year

Lunch spot: Feeling larney: the Fish in Rosebank On a guys'day: Akhalwayas, Fordsburg