John van der Ruit

John's best-selling novel Spud broke records when it was published in 2005. His irreverent look at the horrors of boarding school (followed by Spud II in 2007) has been praised with satire for stage for its popularity with both highbrow and lowbrow audiences. With comedy partner Ben Voss, John has produced the award-winning biting satires Green and Black Mamba. His plays include War Cry, Noupoort and Crooked and he appeared in writer/director Greig Coetzee's production of Fugard's People are Living There. Spud I, which was almost certainly inspired by his schooling at the prestigious Michaelhouse, is in its 16th printing and has been published in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The book has been translated into Italian and into Portuguese for the Brazilian market. It will soon be made into a feature film.

Lunch spot: Palki's Indian cuisine on Musgrave Road, Durban