Juanita Terblanche

Juanita is that rarest of parliamentary species: a member of the National Council of Provinces who is young, energetic and on the way up. Her best-known triumph was in 2004, when she managed to get a motion passed censuring President Thabo Mbeki over his attitude to rape. Dozing ANC members assented to a text saying "[the NCOP] regrets the refusal of the president to address the serious crime of rape in our country and to acknowl- edge the suffering of women and children who have been attacked on a daily basis�. Juanita is active in debates on HIV, the economy and gender and manages to make her views heard despite operating in a relative backwater of the legislative system. She comes from a staunch Democratic Alliance family � her father, Chris Hattingh is an member of the North West provincial parliament � but her recent promotion to DA whip in the NCOP has everything to do with her talent, and the ascendancy of liberal leader- ship in the party. Who's who lists her membership of the Lepidopterists society; we think she will be netting some bigger, perhaps uglier, prizes in the political jungle. In fact, we'd like to make a modest proposal to the party leadership � they have battled since the departure of Raenette Taljaard to make a meaningful contribution to economic debate in the National Assembly � how about another young, bright, woman for the job.

Lunch spot: Chef Pons Asian restaurant, Cape Town; Upstairs at 82B, Potchefstroom