Kathija Chanthitoo

If I were elected mayor: Awareness and the creation of jobs, opportunities and other crucial information should be available, especially for parents, so that we can deal with issues such as crime and drugs. Kathija's vibrant personality strikes you immediately. She is passionate, friendly, compassionate, goal-orientated and, because she is petite, looks like a teenager. She is currently studying early childhood development while working as a life orientation teacher and being fully involved in community initiatives. After matriculating, Kathija volunteered as a loveLife mpinthsi, thereafter becoming a groundBREAKER and then doing a housing development course. Her passions are children, family and community, so motivating young people in Newcastle, where she is teaching, comes naturally to her. Kathija honed her teaching and training skills at loveLife and aims to further develop these skills through continued studies. Kathija appreciates quality, principles and continued education. She is valued wherever she goes and is set to transform teaching in KwaZulu-Natal.

Lunch spot: Anywhere with family and friends