Lerato Maregele

Lerato has been an activist in Tembisa for more than a decade, focusing on social justice, gender, illegitimate debt, apartheid debt and environmental justice. A member of Jubilee South Africa, she mobilised local communities against the takeover of Absa bank by Barclays Bank. In 2007 Lerato joined Earthlife Africa as the Energy Outreach Officer, tasked with developing community responses to energy issues. This work formed the backbone of a high-profile campaign against the proposed Alcan smelter at Coega. In July 2007 she went to Iceland and helped incite resistance against aluminium smelting. Lerato also serves on the Tembisa Community Media Forum and is a volunteer at Umzabalazo we Jubilee. This year she has been working with community structures, playing a vital role mobilising against tariff increases and for renewable energy.

Lunch spot: Portuguese Fish Market, Melvill